Why I Became a Traditional Latin Catholic…

“Modern day” Catholicism that is not for me and quite frankly shouldn’t be for anyone, but I guess freedom of religion and the way you practice. Don’t get me wrong there are so many Novus Ordo Catholics that are the most amazing people I have ever met and love them all endless. I just hope that one day they get to experience the mass the way I have gotten too and see it how I see it. Just like everyone I have my problems with the Catholic Church, especially in the past year as many more things have been brought to light. Every time I would go to Novus Ordo mass I would get super anxious and stressed. The environment was bad for me and I was extremely uncomfortable. I debated not being Catholic anymore, but knew there was no other religion for me. I knew that running away from Jesus’s church wasn’t the solution to my problems.

One of my best friends invited me to Latin Mass in Lubbock. That changed my whole outlook on life. She told me to never go to the Novus Ordo mass again, and I looked at her like she was crazy. I was like no way girl. I attended the mass and it gave me my faith back. It gave me the missing piece that I have been longing for my whole life.

The traditional Latin mass is said facing away from the people and in Latin. The homily is said in the language of the people of that area. The mass is for Jesus and not for us. It isn’t a show for the priest to entertain the audience but rather for Jesus the mass is for Jesus so it is said facing Jesus.

I am a traditional catholic and will forever be a traditional catholic because it is Jesus’s Catholicism. Latin Catholicism is the church Jesus created, not the church that was changed to fit in with the people of this world. In the novus ordo mass veiling is a dying tradition, but is one of the most beautiful traditions in the church and veiling should continue to be highly recommended and a women should never feel out of place when veiling at mass or any holy time for that matter. In TLM about 90% if not all of the women congregation veil at mass. The novus ordo mass has downplayed the importance of the Eucharist and have treated it like it’s just a piece of bread. The Eucharist is the purpose of the mass, the sacrifice of Jesus on the alter is the main purpose of the mass. In the novus ordo mass Jesus is passed around like it is show and tell. Only the deacon (which is different in the traditional church, deacons are chaste and will eventually become priest), priest and higher have concentrated hands, therefore they are the only ones allowed to touch the Eucharist. We are not worthy, not even close to worthy to touch the host with our hands, so please tell me why everyone does it. Jesus is received on the tongue and the tongue only and always on your knees. We are not worthy to receive Jesus standing or with any part of our body other than directly on our tongue.

My biggest problem with modern day Catholicism is mortal sin. No one talks about it, most priest don’t even believe in mortal sin. Mortal sin is actually very common and most of us live in mortal sin. You can’t enter the gates of Heaven in the state of mortal sin and can’t receive the Eucharist in the state of mortal sin. When you mortally sin you are actively rejecting God and you can’t enter heaven if you reject God. You should be going to confession every time it is offered, if not every month. A mortal sin is anything of grave matter, it is freely your choice and no one is forcing you, you know it is bad and you choose to do it anyway. I will list common mortal sins: missing church, getting drunk, doing any drugs if you are underage and if they are illegal, not praying enough, scandal, disrespect your parents, Gods name in vein, lukewarmness, gluttony, sloth, lust, pride, gossip, jealousy, masterbating, pornography, dressing immodestly, anything before marriage that isn’t kissing (lips,cheek, forehead, hand), hugging and holding hands, anything past that is a sin, not all mortal but most are. Those would be the most common for most people, but the list is still way longer and encourage you to spend time reading an examination of conscience. Trust me I know having mortal sins and confessing them is very uncomfortable but you know what else is uncomfortable when Jesus die on the cross. That was very uncomfortable. Suck it up and go to confession Jesus died for you so that you had the chance to spend eternity with him, so don’t let your pride get in the way of confessing your sins. There is no easy road to heaven if you don’t want to go to heaven then don’t go to confession.

The dioceses of Lubbock and many “modern day” Catholics are strongly against TLM. Honestly the more people don’t like me doing something that is good for my salvation the more I will continue to freely practice my religion. The dioceses of Lubbock bans TLM, which is absurd and wrong because the TLM is the Mass we are always supposed to go to and never change, codified forever by St. Pius V. You personally don’t have to practice how I practice but if you ban me from practicing, it won’t stop me. I will not let the rules of my (part time) dioceses get in the way of my salvation. Even if you are a priest, Bishop, cardinal, or the Pope, I will not be listening to you on what is best for my salvation when you are going against the teaching of Jesus and the Church.

Here’s the thing, they changed the Catholic Church in the 1960’s-1970’s with the second Vatican council. In writing the new mass it was a group of 6 Protestants and 2 Catholics. Therefore the mass you know today is a version of Protestantism and isn’t real Catholicism. So if you are a novus ordo catholic and you are harping on a Protestant saying you belong to Jesus’s church, think again. Come to TLM we would love to have you! You CANNOT change the teachings of Jesus no matter how hard you try to change Jesus you will never be able to change him. The Catholic Church has always been full of scandal and corruption, but changing the whole church is not a solution to that problem. Quite frankly the church has been made worse with even more scandal and corruption. Making the church more like the world and less like the traditions that Jesus created only hurts the case of the church . If the Catholic Church really wanted to address these scandals they would. The hierarchy in the Catholic Church is not a set of role models but rather people you don’t want to be anything like. Look to Jesus, not too the people of this world. I recognize that they are all in positions of power and I have to respect their roles in the church, but I also realize that they are nothing like God, that they are not the people that will help in my salvation. That they are trying to change God to be modernized and they are the ones responsible for the ruining of Catholicism they have used their power and abused it and I will not stand with people that want to lead us to hell.

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