Stop using the term Privileged.

Most crosses are invisible so stop invalidating others crosses. No ones life is perfect, everyone has their own struggles and pain. Everyone is “privileged” in different ways. No one is more important than the next person and no one is less important than someone else. Yet, we live in a society that thinks someone is below or above them. Most crosses are actually increased by this mindset. I am sick and tired of people assuming they know my life based on what I post. I am sick of assumptions.

Using the term privileged in any instants needs to stop. Because you know what God shows no favoritism. Nowadays privileged is used as an insult. Using the term privileged with someone with Chronic illnesses is honestly really insulting. I either get the “you are privileged” when it fits their insult or I get the” you have health issues” when it is convent for them. So what is it I have health issues or I am privileged? Since people seem to always assume, decide for me. As a christian it is our job to encourage others and using terms and insults like these is anything but uplifting.

I wouldn’t call having multiple chronic illnesses privilege. Lupus, crohn’s, celiac, fibromyalgia, raynaunds, anxiety, depression and ADHD is anything but privilege. Stop trying to prove your point by telling someone else their life is so easy when you never know what they have to deal with everyday. No ones life is easy. I never said your struggles aren’t valid because they are but by you invalidating someone else you aren’t validating yourself.

Remember we were all created in love, to love, to be loved. So instead to assuming lets love first and listen to understand that person.

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