The Importance of Modesty and Purity

I know I am very traditional but honestly there is nothing wrong with living by what the Bible recommends all Christians to do. I think there is such an importance in dressing to respect the body God gave you and in what you interpret as purity. You see we are all different so what we believe to be pure and modest looks different for everyone.

What Modesty looks like for me.

For me modesty means not dressing in revealing clothes. I tend to stay away from crop tops, short shorts, two piece swim suits and anything else that can be considered revealing. I just never liked the idea of people looking at me in a lustful way. It really is a personal decision and I would never judge someone from dressing different from me because we are all different. I just want to uphold the modesty God intended me to live. You see we were created to save our bodies for our future spouse and no one else. I get it we do mess up, not saying I’m perfect. But when we mess up it is our job to get up and try again until we get to a place that we enjoy being at and a good place in our relationship with God.

Other forms of modesty

Modesty doesn’t just come in the clothes we wear. It also comes in the things we watch, listen to or say. You shouldn’t be watching anything that you would be uncomfortable watching if your parents walk in the room. You shouldn’t be listening to music that doesn’t honor God. Music that demeans others, explicit and sexual. I’m not saying you should just listen to Christian music but you should be cautious of the other music you listen too. Also I think the most important one is modesty in your words. I personally am so bad at this but I really do try. Cussing and saying other things that aren’t appropriate aren’t upholding modesty in words. Which all of these are just important as how we dress. We can’t look like a Christian on the outside and not act like one on the inside.

What Purity looks like to me.

For me purity is a pretty traditional view. I didn’t date in high school because I knew no guy at my high school was my future. I believe it is important to not date around but instead pray and wait for the person God sends into your life. While most people sleep around in high school I spent each day praying for my future spouse and/ or vocation. I didn’t want to deal with heartbreak and I never wanted a guy to use me for my body. I also didn’t want to give anything away to a guy that I couldn’t see a future with. For me I believe that kissing anyone that you didn’t see a future with was wrong. Your probably like Rachel your crazy, and yes I am. But like how special would it be if you could say the first person you kissed was the person you marry. Just saying that’s like a big flex. For me I was never told to wait till marriage, I was never told not to date in high school or kiss anyone, instead I made these decisions for myself. Honestly deciding to live out the virtue of purity should be a personal decision and never forced by anyone. It should be freely made.

Purity is different for everyone

Some people don’t date until they meet the person they will most likely spend the rest of their life with. Some people date but only kiss and hold hands. Some people literally wait to do anything and everything until marriage. Others do everything but sex. It honestly depends on who you are. And what you believe in you heart to be pure. Only you can decide that with the help of God of course.

What if I already didn’t uphold my promise?

You see this is what I love about God he is so merciful and forgiving. He loves you no matter your past, present or future. Upholding the virtue of purity is one of the hardest things to do and so it makes so much sense why many of us haven’t upheld it. It is easier for some but others it seems almost impossible. I honestly would say striving is the best thing you can do. Only God knows what’s in your heart. He knows our struggles and our mistakes and he loves us still. But remember each day is a new day to start again. Even if in your past you didn’t uphold the promise of purity doesn’t mean in your future you can’t start again and rededicate yourself to God.

Why Christians shouldn’t partake in hook up culture?

Hook up culture is living for the world and not for God. Hook up culture is so detrimental to our hearts and leaves us broken. It might feel good now but will it feel good 10 years from now when you tell your spouse how many people you slept with. When you hook up you don’t see the other person for who God created them to be but instead as an object for your pleasure. No one is a object we are all beautiful humans created by God and by continuously hooking up with random people for pleasure you completely discredit them as a child of God. Partaking in hook up culture also completely breaks your bond from God and is very hard to repair that bond if you keep participating in these acts.

Always remember you are a gift from God and you deserve the best and you deserve someone who will lead you closer to Christ and not further away. Upholding purity might be hard now but keep praying and keep listening to where God wants to lead you.

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