Human Life is Not Disposable!

Every human life has value. We can’t pick and choose who matters and who doesn’t. We can’t place someone at higher value than someone else because to God we are all his and equal. I’m sick and tired of society corrupting the mind of people, telling people false information and people not even knowing what it is they are supporting. I’m sorry, but human life is not and will not ever be disposable. As Christians it is our job to protect all life, the born and the unborn. Our job is to do the work of Jesus on earth until he returns. Jesus is 100% pro life and I am sorry true Christians do not support the killing of anyone.

Over 60,000,000 babies have been aborted since 1973.

As christians we are taught to believe and follow what the bible says. No where in the bible does it say we have the right to kill others. In the 10 commandments, the 6th commandment is “tho shall not kill.” So in your support for abortion or euthanasia don’t you ever use your christian faith as a backing, as WWJD, well I will tell you Jesus is heartbroken at the fact you didn’t love the child or person he so dearly loved.

“We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other.”– Mother Teresa

Supporting any premature/ imposed death of any kind goes against all morals. Why do you get to determine someone else’s future just so you can live comfortably. I don’t support euthanasia. Euthanasia is putting the end (most of the time medically) to someones life because they are handicapped, sick or dying.

You formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise you, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works! My very self you know. My bones are not hidden from you, When I was being made in secret, fashioned in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw me unformed; in your book all are written down; my days were shaped, before one came to be.(Psalms 139: 13-16)

God created every single person on this planet for a mission and a purpose. Life is not supposed to be free of suffering. Quite frankly some of my hardest moments have also been the best moments. “ I praise you, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works!” How beautiful is that!! We are all wonderfully made and no one should take that away from us. If we trust in God and surrender to his will, true happiness is found. Gods plan is the best plan and no where in his plan does he support the killing of the unborn or anyone for that matter.

God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

Mankind was created in God’s image. To him we are perfectly imperfect. He created us male and female and everyone is created for a purpose. No one has the right to take away anyone’s right.

“Any country that accepts abortion is the poorest of the poor.”- Mother Teresa

Don’t get me wrong I love America. But abortion is ruining our society. A third of my generation is missing because of abortion. Planned parenthood is lying to society, glamorizing abortion. Abortion is not glamorous. Abortion is the suctioning, scraping and ripping out of an unborn child, piece by piece. Then that beautiful child is thrown in the trash can. How can anyone in their right mind throw a child in the trash can. Or the baby is sold to science to do human research on. How sickening is this. Children are gifts from God and are not meant to be thrown into the trash just because they were an inconvenience to you.

Adoption not Abortion

There are so many people in this world who struggle to have kids. One in eight couples struggle with infertility. If you won’t love that child, someone else will. There is 36 families for every 1 child put up for adoption. Adoption saves life’s and abortion just murders an innocent child. So if you are ever in this position just think of all the other families that will love your child unconditionally.

A baby is Not a Choice

We have many choices in this world, but a human being is not one of them. By having sex you are saying that you are old enough and mature enough to have a child of your own. One of the outcomes of sex is a child. Abortions are selfish and placing yourself at a higher value than someone else.

True Feminist don’t Support Abortions

True feminist are pro-life because pro-life is pro-women. Our job is to love both the mother and the unborn child. You can’t call yourself a feminist if you don’t respect the rights of the female in your womb. Even if that baby is a male you don’t have the right to kill it. Unborn babies have rights too.

Planned Parenthood needs to go

Planned Parenthood is so anti women. The company was founded on racism and they cover up so much from the public. The founder Margret Sanger has said “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” This quote is absolutely disgusting. The best thing a family can do is love their child or put that child up for adoption to a family that will love it. This quote from her makes me sick, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” If you didn’t know, Margret Sanger was a member of the KKK and many planned parenthood facilities are built in African American community’s to target Black women. This breaks my heart because every race should be seen as equal and deserving of love and support. The fact that planned parenthood has been covering this up for years breaks my heart. Planned Parenthood puts these women in categories, yet everyone is deserving of love and of a fair chance.

Stop telling women their only option is abortion. There are over 2,300 Pregnancy Crisis center’s in the US willing to help you!! Please reach out to them because they will care for you, love you and support you. They won’t violate you or your unborn child. Please chose life!

Please pray for all the unborn and their mothers!

A Prayer for the Unborn

Almighty God, our Father,
you who have given us life
and intended us to have it forever,
grant us your blessings.
Enlighten our minds to an awareness
and to a renewed conviction
that all human life is sacred
because it is created
in your image and likeness.
Help us to teach by word
and the example of our lives
that life occupies the first place,
that human life is precious
because it is the gift of God
whose love is infinite.
Give us the strength to defend human life
against every influence
or action that threatens or weakens it,
as well as the strength
to make every life more human
in all its aspects.

Give us the grace…
When the sacredness of life
before birth is attacked,
to stand up and proclaim
that no one ever has the authority
to destroy unborn life.

When a child is described as a burden
or is looked upon only as a means
to satisfy an emotional need,
to stand up
and insist that every child is a unique
and unrepeatable gift of God,
a gift of God
with a right to a loving
and united family.

When the institution of marriage
is abandoned to human selfishness
or reduced to a temporary conditional arrangement
that can easily be terminated,
to stand up and affirm
the indissolubility of the marriage bond.

When the value of the family is threatened
because of social and economic pressure,
to stand up and reaffirm
that the family is necessary
not only for the private good of every person,
but also for the common good of every society,
nation and state.

When freedom is used to dominate the weak,
to squander natural resources and energy,
to deny basic necessities to people,
to stand up and affirm
the demands of justice and social love.

Almighty Father,
give us courage to proclaim the supreme dignity
of all human life and to demand
that society itself give its protection.
We ask this in your name,
through the redemptive act
of your Son and in the Holy Spirit.


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