Ten Reasons I Love Being Catholic

There is nothing I love more than my faith. My life revolves around my faith. Catholicism is amazing , and words can’t describe how much I love being Catholic. I adore the faith and as writing this post I just got super excited. I woke up early to write this today because I was just so anxious and I couldn’t sleep! So I really just hope you enjoy this post! I definitely love way more than 10 things but I noticed the post was getting long so I limited it to ten things.

Ten Reasons I Love Being Catholic

Daily Mass/ Mass in General

I love the fact that Catholic’s have the opportunity to attend church everyday. Mass is my favorite part of my day in college. When I am having a stressful day I would go to church at 5:30 pm and give all my stress and worries to God. I love how traditional mass is, I literally can’t even express how much I love going to church. Just walking in and placing your hand in the holy water and making the sign of the cross, genuflecting towards the tabernacle before you sit in the pew. That’s even before mass starts! I love the traditions and I miss physically being in a church so much. It was never something I took for granted, I very much appreciated mass and would go as much as possible, but I miss it with my whole heart. I am very grateful I still have the opportunity to watch mass online in these times.


Okay, there is nothing I miss more than confession! I love this sacrament so much and I would go every week when I was at Tech. It is truly such a beautiful gift we have as Catholic’s and something that we all should utilize more. We are all sinners, and going to confession just means you are striving for holiness. Confession is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wanting to strengthen your relationship with God. When we mortally sin we completely break our bond with Christ and the only way to fix it is going to confession and doing penance for your sins. Jesus died on the cross that we MIGHT have the hopes of eternal life. Nothing is just given, if you want to get to heaven you have to strive for holiness and confession is a great sacrament to utilize in your strive for heaven. This is the first place I will be going once quarantine is over.

The Eucharist

Okay, maybe I miss this sacrament just as much as confession. These are by far my two most favorite sacraments and I miss them so so much. Receiving the Eucharist is the best gift I have ever received. Nothing compares to the actual body of Christ entering your body, you becoming more like Christ. You don’t consume the body of Christ, it consumes you, like that is crazy!!! In the Catholic faith it is merely not a symbol, but is the body and blood of Christ. The bread and wine is consecrated before our eyes at mass, to become the body and blood of Christ. Jesus died on that cross for our sins but now we as Catholics get to receive him daily if we want to in mass. We get to become more like him. The most perfect, most amazing person to ever walk this earth and we get to become more like him, by receiving him. We are beyond unworthy to receive him, but he allows use to receive him anyway, he is so selfless, like come on guys!! Our hands are not worthy to touch him, are feet are not worthy to stand before him and our whole body is not worthy for him to enter in, but he lets us anyway. He lets us receive him! I really hope you appreciate this sacrament with all your being. Receiving Jesus in the state of mortal sin is detrimental to your relationship with him. Just remember it is not a symbol, but it is the body and blood of Christ.

The Rosary

Oh how I love Mama Mary, our heavenly mother. The rosary is something that is so special to me and will always be one of my favorite prayers. When my Grandpa died over 5 years ago, I made him a rosary and placed it in his casket. I like to think every time I pray the rosary he is praying it with me up in heaven. The rosary, since that moment has had such a deeper meaning for me. The rosary is such a powerful form of prayer. My grandma actually passed away saying the rosary, she was so holy and everything I aspire to be. The rosary is such a beautiful prayer and if you ever have the opportunity to pray it in your lifetime, Catholic or not, take that chance and really listen to the words that are being said. It is such a great way to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ through his mother.


Like I have said before Saints are dope! The one thing I love most about saints is they were not perfect, they were fully human just like you and me. They are such great role models to have, because many of them have messed up just like you and me. Anyone has the chance in their life to become a Saint. The Catholic Church recognizes over 10,000 Saints. As Catholics we pray to Saints for them to intercede for us, and for them ultimately to pray for us. I know many people are opposed to the fact of praying to Saints and they would rather pray directly to God. Which praying directly to God is so amazing, but if you haven’t noticed God is extremely busy. Yes, he always hears what you are saying. But think of this. If you pray both to God and the Saints they both hear what you are saying and those Saints are sitting right next to God in heaven. That being said they are going to get an answer faster than we are down here and once that get that answer they will deliver it to you.


Adoration is such a beautiful form of prayer. Getting to be in the presence of Jesus through the Eucharist is just so beautiful. Sitting in the presence of God is just so powerful and comforting. The overwhelming emotions praying in front of the body of Christ. Adoration is where I have had my most transformative experience in faith. Where I have been able to really hear God and feel his presence there with me.

The Bible

I have come to love reading the bible through going to daily mass. In my free time I love to read and reflect on scripture, it is just so fulfilling. Our religion is based off scripture and sacred tradition, all the answers you are looking for are right in the bible. The bible is the greatest history book of all time! I really encourage you to take out your bible when you have time in read it because everything that we believe is written right before our eyes.

The Divine Mercy Chaplet

The divine mercy chaplet is such a beautiful prayer. Just the words in this chaplet are so beautiful. It is such a powerful form of prayer and something that I have really leaned on during this pandemic. This pandemic has really left me hurting for all those dying alone and all the people that have died and never accepted God into their life’s. Just read the words of the prayer down below. It’s the perfect prayer! If you really wanna be moved listen to it sung I bet you $10 you will cry. It is just so powerful.

“Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.”

For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


Lent is by far my favorite time in the Catholic Church. I especially love Ash Wednesday and getting my ashes it truly is my favorite Wednesday of the year. Something I really look forward to! I love the chance we are given to dive deeper into our relationship with Christ. Lent is a time of growth and fasting. This lent was extra special since we could not leave our homes. I know it really did test my desire for God. We are given so much time, where time doesn’t become the problem anymore, yet desire becomes the obstacle. I was still able to watch daily mass at least three times a week and say my rosary and just spend more time with Jesus but it was hard since it was so easy to get distracted. I had trouble sitting still during mass, but I did try my best. I hope to continue to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ over the years to come. It just doesn’t stop when lent is over it is something we are supposed to continue throughout the year.


I loved when I made my Confirmation Freshman year of high school. That day I received such a great gift in receiving the holy sprit into my life. It hurts me to see that many people don’t see Confirmation as the beautiful sacrament it is. Confirmation is supposed to spark the flame of faith inside you. It is truly the start of your own faith journey, not the journey your parents set for you. I really hope if you have been confirmed or are going to be confirmed you really see it for the beautiful sacrament it is. My confirmation is what really shaped me into the person I am today and has truly made me love the Catholic Faith so much more.

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