Why Catholics Pray to Saints?

Saints are dope, and oftentimes misunderstood by people who are not Catholic. So I am going to clarify: why we pray to saints; talk about some really cool saints; and tell you how to become a saint!

Why do People Pray to Saints?

Saints are Jesus’s messengers, and we pray to them for their intercession. I like to think of saints like Amazon Prime; they deliver our prayer directly to God and intercede on our behalf. The prayer gets to God super fast, and now it’s not just me asking for a specific petition because my prayer has become the saint’s prayer too. Don’t get me wrong, praying directly to God is an awesome way to pray, and He always hears our prayers. But God is a busy man! There are different saints for different causes. The saint we pray to depends on what we are praying for. There are saints for just about anything you may need help with; whether it’s fighting cancer, or you need help studying, or you may have lost your keys. Whatever the problem, there’s a saint for it. And since saints are super tight with God, they can ask Him to answer our prayer, face to face!

Some Really Cool Saints!

All saints are cool, but there are certain saints I have become especially close to because I have prayed to them for years. There are over 10,000 saints. If I were to talk about all of them, this blog post would take me forever! These are just my favorite saints, but hopefully this inspires you to learn more about other saints!

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

My Confirmation Saint, and one of my biggest role models. She saw Jesus in every person, and loved with a heart like God’s; full of love and mercy. For years, like many of us, she struggled with hearing the voice of God. She often felt lonely, but continued to serve God by serving his people, and loving those the world saw as unlovable. All I can say is we need more Mother Teresa’s in this world!

Feast day: September 5

Patron Saint of: Right to Life, The Marginalized, the Poor

Saint Therese of Lisieux “The Little Flower”

This is my mom’s favorite saint, and not going to lie, she’s pretty dope. When she was 15 years old, she entered the Carmelite Convent to become a nun. She had been refused prior to this because she was too young. She had a short life, only lived to the age of 24. But in that short amount of time, she worshipped God constantly and suffered greatly for Him. The reason why I love her so much is that she answers your prayer with a rose. If God is granting your petition, she will send you a rose on the day of that “yes”! As humans we love physical signs from God, and receiving a rose is just so special. A rose all the way from heaven!

Feast Day: October 1st

Patron Saint of: florists, France, loss of parents, missions and youth

Saint Joseph

The earthly foster-father to Jesus. Over the years, I have prayed many novenas (9 day prayer) to him. He is such a great role model for all Catholic men. He lead such a virtuous life, and helped raised Jesus. Just think, he is the one man on this earth that God trusted to raise his only son, Jesus. That’s a huge responsibility, and it says a lot about his character.

Feast Day: March 19

Patron Saint of: A happy death, carpenters, fathers, men and workers

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony is a pretty awesome man! I have a prayer book that I have used for years with multiple prayers to St Anthony. Every time I lose something, I say a prayer to St Anthony, and then find it! It’s like magic! If what you lost, can be found, he’ll lead you to it. He is also the saint I prayed to junior year when I took the SAT and ACT. Don’t mean to flex, but with many prayers and studying, my SAT improved 240 points and my ACT went up 5 points so…

Feast Day: June 13

Patron Saint of: amputees, expectant mothers, lost things, married couples and seafarers

Saint John Paul II

Okay, now this was a cool dude, no cap! He literally was the coolest Pope ever (my personal opinion)! He was Pope from 1978 to 2005. He was very vocal on human rights, and was also the first non-Italian pope in over 400 years, aka a very long time! He was the first Pope to visit the White House and he canonized more saints than any other pope!

Feast Day: October 22

Patron Saint of: hope, perseverance, Poland, World Youth Day

Saint Philomena

Saint Philomena, is a saint I just recently learned about. I find her to be really cool, and honestly, Catholic teens should pray to her. She is the saint of purity, and became a virgin martyr. She died at the age of 13. Since she took a vow of purity, she’s a great saint to pray to for strength to live a pure life. We live in a society where it is so hard to stay pure, and where purity is greatly uncool, and under appreciated.

Feast Day: August 11

Patron Saint of : children and purity

Those are just some of the many saints I have come to know, and love over the years! A company that really helps me to express my faith everyday is https://www.tinysaints.com/. I love this company so much! Tiny Saints are miniature little saints that you can clip on your key chain or backpack. They come on a card that tells you all about the saint. I have like 10 saints on my key chain right now! They are also great gifts for your Catholic friends/ family! So I really encourage you to check them out! You can never have too many tiny saints!

How to Become a Saint?

This is definitely a hot topic among many Catholics. If you ask a practicing Catholic what their goal in life is, their answer would probably be to become a saint. Becoming a saint with a lowercase “s” means you got to heaven, becoming a Saint with an uppercase “S” means you are canonized by the Pope, and have had performed two confirmed miracles. Wouldn’t becoming a canonized Saint be so cool!?!? Clearly I am not a saint, but I hope to be one day. To become a saint you need to live a virtuous life serving God and His people. We are called to take up our cross daily, surrender to God’s will, no matter how hard it may be, and love with a heart like Jesus. We must STRIVE for holiness. Seems like a lot of work, but here’s the secret – anyone can become a saint! If you make it to heaven, you become a saint. But if you want to be an exceptional “Saint”, surrender your heart to God and give Him complete control of your life. Because that is one thing that ALL the Saints have in common – total love for and trust in God. He uses the weak to lead the strong, and no one is ever too far gone for God. There are many canonized saints that have murdered people, denied God, and the Catholic church, but eventually turned to God and lived the life he intended them to live. So always remember – anyone can become a Saint!

I hope this clarifies what the purpose of saints are in the Catholic church. But if you are still confused, feel free to comment with any questions you have!

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