The Eucharist

Hands down my favorite part of the Catholic faith is the Eucharist. Having the chance to receive the Eucharist brings me so much joy! Nothing compares to watching the bread and wine consecrate into the body and blood of Christ at mass, right before your eyes!

As Catholics, we are so unworthy to receive the body of Christ, but Jesus lets us receive him anyway! How cool is that!! He lets us receive him at mass, so we can become more like him. After receiving the Eucharist you are supposed to go out into the world and be more Christ-like. The Eucharist is one of the main things that separates the Catholic Church from other denominations, so I feel it is oftentimes misunderstood by many people. So I just wanted to share some information on something that is so important too me and many other people.

Some Facts on the Eucharist

  • You can’t receive the Eucharist until you have made your First Communion in the Catholic Church. Many Catholics make their First Communion in 2nd grade, but you can make it anytime after that. The reason why most people make it in 2nd grade is because that’s when the church believes the child is old enough to go to their first reconciliation and have a knowledge on what it is they are receiving.
  • In the Catholic Church, the Eucharist is not symbolic to the body of Christ, it IS the body and blood of Christ.
  • The Eucharist is special, when you eat food you consume the food. Yet, when you receive the Eucharist it consumes you. When you receive the Eucharist you become more like Christ. Christ is present within you, so go out and shine the light he gave you. Be like Christ.

When Shouldn’t you receive the Eucharist?

Even though it is extremely important to receive the Body of Christ as much as possible there are times where it shouldn’t be received. The first one is in the state of mortal sin!! I know most of us have received Jesus in the state of mortal sin, but it is so important we try not too. The reason being as sinful humans we are already so unworthy to receive him, but he lets us anyway. But if you receive Jesus in the state of mortal sin, where your relationship is already broken from God, you down play the importance of the Eucharist. Guys!! that is the Body of Christ, the one who DIED ON THE CROSS for all of us!! So why are you downplaying the importance of it! Also you shouldn’t receive if you don’t believe it is the body and blood of Christ. About 2/3rds of Catholics don’t believe the bread and wine is actually the body and blood of Christ. So why do I not see 2/3rds of the congregation sitting down at communion or crossing there arms to receive a blessing? I think it’s because people want other people to think they are “good Catholics” or they are trying hard to believe it really is the body of Christ or they just don’t care, “I’m receiving Jesus because I am supposed too”. First off, what people see on the outside doesn’t matter, if you want to be a good Catholic, take the steps to become one. I know so many people are put off by Catholics because they say one thing and do something else or they judge others for not being Catholic. What if instead we loved everyone and lived out our faith like God intended us too and only received the Eucharist when we were in the state to do so. Remember being Catholic is something that should be treasured, so treasure the Eucharist just the same. If you don’t believe all I can tell you is pray! Pray that Jesus helps your unbelief. Go to adoration and pray in front of the body of Christ and ask God to help you believe! For years I struggled to believe it was the body of Christ so I didn’t receive it. I went a good 2 years without receiving Christ. I know now as Catholics you are supposed too receive the Eucharist once during the lent and Easter season, but how was I supposed to receive something if I didn’t value it like I should. It wasn’t until half way into my senior year of high school that I saw it as the body of Christ and started to receive Jesus at mass again. There is nothing that brings me more joy than receiving the Eucharist! I get so excited at daily mass when I get to receive Jesus, because sometimes I don’t get too receive him since I have sins that I have to go to confession for. I treasure the Eucharist with my whole heart! I am so lucky that I’m Catholic and Jesus is so humble and selfless that we get to receive him even though we all know we are so unworthy compared to him.

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  1. Elizabeth Lazar

    It is always exciting when you find where you are supposed to be on your personal journey. You are blessed to have found your community at such a young age. It took me 58 years to find my church community. Your personal journey with God is the most important aspect in your life. I know your happiness because I know my happiness. I’m proud of you! (Jeremiah 29:11)

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